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Linux is the BEST choice for most applications

With rock-solid stability, POSIX Compliance, great hardware support, an incredible array of development and management tools, Linux qualifies now as a mature operating system. Through SAMBA (SMB Networking support), it can serve files and printers to a Windows network. With kernel based support for Packet Filtering, Forwarding and Translation, it out performs most expensive hardware based router solutions. Additional features of most Linux distributions include the Apache Webserver, Sendmail SMTP, POP3 and IMAP2 daemons for email service and various SQL servers.

Linux TodayBrings us a quasi-official press release describing technical advances in the Linux 2.4 Kernel, authored by Joe Pranevich Wonderful World of Linux 2.4 (10/02/99 "Final" Edition)

The Linux Documentation Project Mirrors Page LDP Mirrors
(Linux Documentation Project)
The top source for practical Linux info

The Linux Penguin Logo The home of Linux

Visit LINUX.ORG and see what all the excitement is about!
Because of its power, stability, inter networking capabilities, open source code and FREE price, Linux is fast becoming the O/S of choice for people who know better.

My personal favorite Linux Distribution is Slackware
Slackware Linux

Because Simplicity is Powerful
The Linux Kernel Archives. This is the primary site for the Linux kernel source, but it has much more than just kernels.

Home of the Iptables/Netfilter Project The netfilter/iptables project is the Linux 2.4.x / 2.5.x firewalling subsystem.It delivers you the functionality of packet filtering (stateless or stateful), all different kinds of NAT (Network Address Translation) and packet mangling
Iptables/Netfilter Homepage

Sun Cobalt Servers Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Server Appliance Business Unit Enabling the delivery of network based solutions to customers worldwide through fully integrated server appliances that offer turnkey services easily, reliably and cost effectively. In other words, they are selling value-added Linux servers!

Packagemaster: Unsupported/Enhanced Cobalt Packages
(formerly found at:

Linux is Open Source

Please visit our Open Source Page

Free Software Foundation!Support Free Software

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