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Question MarkFortune Cookie
Sometimes humorous; sometimes profound; sometimes profoundly stupid; you are invited to sample assorted anecdotes, adages, aphorisms and limericks

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Inspirational Thoughts

(your mileage may vary)

A chicken on the move
Great Minds Explore a Timeless Question

(why the chicken crossed the road - or did it?)

Shadowed CityAbsolutely FREE!!
World class multi-user interactive gaming experience
Abysmal Realms Homepage
* exceptionally Stable *
* derived from Diku/Merc/Rom 2.4 *
* friendly RP environment *

Abysmal Realms Related Sites

Steve Kinsler's Random Haiku Generator

Aha! Poetry
  • the LYNX Journal (a poet's e-zine)
  • numerous guides to writing style
  • is a member of the Japanese Literature Webring
  • winner of many awards since first appearing in 1995

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